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Samsung G7 review

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Review: 32″ WQHD,1ms, HDMI, G-Sync Gaming Monitor

The Samsung 32-Inch Gaming Monitor is a monitor that was built for gamers. It has the most curved monitor ever made, and it offers a refresh rate of 240Hz. Hundreds of people have tested this monitor, and they have given rave reviews about how amazing this monitor is.

The monitor was designed with gamers in mind, so it can be tilted, rotated, and pivoted to provide you with the best viewing angle possible. This monitor also has FreeSync 2 technology which provides a dynamic contrast ratio on compatible devices, so there’s no lag during gameplay! Read more about this amazing product below.

Design and Stylish Look:

I was not expecting the Design and stylish look of this monitor to be affected by such a small change, but it turns out that virtually any device can benefit from extra light. This monitor is no shrinking violet but still manages to offer the right amount of mobility. 

I was always a fan of sleek and stylish designs, but I had no idea that these products would make such an impact on your working habits. No one has an excuse for not feeling engaged in every game they play.

The bezel is just 9mm wide around the top and sides with just shy of one inch at the bottom. Creative folks can turn off or change colors on this monitor, all from the easy-to-use OSD joystick control panel under that tiny Samsung logo in front.

IPS Panel 

The world of LED technology has started to shine like never before. The Samsung Odyssey G7 utilizes a new VA (vertical alignment) panel with LED technology and produces sharper, more vivid images on a gorgeous 32-Inch screen. 

After testing the product, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have with the fantastic monitor’s IPS panel. It was a great feeling to view things clearly and easily from any angle or distance.

With over a million pixels on the organically lit display, the TV’s 3D features are clearer than ever! Plus points include Dolby Digital Plus for a surround sound experience in your home cinema that will have you in awe.

Color Scheme:

With its new design, the Odyssey is like no other monitor you’ve seen before. Short of lighting up in an entirely new way, it does what no monitor has done before; extending color to approximate DCI-P3 coverage (85%). For this reason, among many others, you should consider getting an Odyssey G7 for your home or office space.

Screen and Resolution:

I have to say; once I started testing the product, my screen looked so much better. It’s not just about how it improved color accuracy or reduced glare but also about improving eye strain from looking at a computer monitor all day.

Do you want to experience games like never before? Harness the power of WQHD resolution with 1.7 times more pixel density than Full HD for a fully immersive, lifelike gaming experience with a 1000R curved screen. The Odyssey G7’s game-ready QHD display has clearly visible 20% less jagged lines and 50% less glare for crisper graphics that won’t eye-strain or glow in the dark.

Picture-perfect clarity is now even more picture-perfect, with the latest Odyssey Series monitors wowing viewers with amazing visuals. With WQHD resolution, you can make your gaming world more lifelike than ever before and experience a fuller view with more space to take in all the action.

In addition, the eye will no longer notice pixelated edges on panels that are designed for ultimate viewing experiences.

A Reasonable Response Time:

The G7 design is completely new, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Unlike the G9 and the G11 sets in our Odyssey line, this innovative monitor offers a level of immersion and 1ms response time that an FPS gamer will never know they went without.

Furthermore, with its completely bezel-less design–which we call Infinity Loop—we hope to give gamers their best chance at victory in any harrowing battle.

AMD FreeSync Technology:

In the world of eSports, making a glorious play just isn’t enough – you have to do it with style. That means no choppy images or dropped frames that leave your enemy alive one second and gone for good the next. With NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro support, the Odyssey matches every frame from your graphics card, so you’re always ready for action.

Refresh Rate:

The effect of using this product has been nothing short of amazing. When I turned it on and saw that incredible refresh rate boosting up my gameplay to new heights, there was no turning back for me.

So, Don’t let lag break your game. The Odyssey is perfect for the gamer who’s always on the go. This monitor has a rapid 240Hz refresh rate to give you up to four times as many frames appearing every second, so games play smoothly and allow you to partake in fast-paced action with fewer interruptions from input lag.


It’s just you and your game, sounds, and big-screen TV. Get the immersive experience only Samsung can offer with their Odyssey G7 inbuilt speaker system.

The jack panel includes an HDMI 2.0 port and two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs, but that’s not all! You also get USB 3.0 with upstream and downstream ports for connections from your computer or other devices such as printers/scanners; an audio output for headphones or powered speakers.

Unfortunately, there are no built-in speakers on the front of this particular display–so if you want to listen while playing games without bothering anyone else nearby (or plugging yourself into some music!).

Bottom Line:

The first time I used this product, it was love at first sight. This monitor is so crispy clear and has an excellent response rate that makes you happy every day. The Samsung Odyssey G7 Series monitor with an impressive 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

It also has all the other features you’d expect from a high-end gaming monitor, including HDMI, built-in speakers, and Nvidia Gsync or AMD FreeSync compatibility.

This means that whether you’re playing games on PC or console, this monitor will help make your experience smoother and more immersive than ever before! So if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level for less money than traditional monitors cost these days.

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