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MSI (Optix MAG274QRF-QD) Review

MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD Review: 27″ QHD IPS 1ms G-Sync Gaming Monitor

MSI Gaming Desktops are perfect for gamers who want to have an immersive gaming experience. The QHD Quantum DOT Gaming 1ms display has a 16:9 aspect ratio and can display at up to 144Hz with 178° viewing angles. Utilizing NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, this monitor can also provide the smoothest and fastest refresh rates so you can play all your games in high resolution without any lag or screen tearing.

What’s more, MSI’s Anti-Flicker Technology reduces flickers by providing smooth image transitions from one frame to another, which helps eliminate eye strain during long periods of use. 

In my honest opinion, I can see why so many people are happy with their purchase and would recommend it as an excellent investment for any household that wants clean air without all those nasty chemical fumes.

MSI has been focusing on quality and innovation as one of its core values since 1985. With their new gaming monitors, MSI is bringing gamers the perfect combination of style and performance.

Design and Stylish Look:

The first thing I noticed about it is how beautiful the design and quality are; everything from its packaging, ingredients list down to its effectiveness in moisturizing your skin feels like an indulgence for yourself as soon as you open up that package.

I have been using the product for a few days, and it has exceeded all of my expectations. The MSI has a classic frame three-fourths the size of its predecessor, making it the perfect monitor for gamers who want to have multiple monitors side by side. This screen also has an ultra-sleek frameless design that will make any PC gamer drool over it.

The new non-reflective coating on this monitor also helps reduce glare from light sources and prevents the reflection from sensitive equipment on your desk. In addition, the affordable price point on these stunning LED Monitors includes Super Narrow Bezel Design and Non-Glare Screen features.

IPS Panel with LED Technology: 

The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is the size of a postcard, thanks to its IPS display with a speedy refresh rate. In addition, this screen is powered by Quantum Dot Technology, which delivers richer color and deeper black levels in key game genres like FPS and RPG.

The LED backlighting also provides more fluid color transitions under any type of lighting condition without distortion or fading colors. In addition, with HPLN technology, 80% less flicker at all brightness levels for sharp images free from headaches or eye strain. And the Zero Frame design virtually eliminates distracting or irritating.”

Color Scheme:

I call this a professional screen because it has an impressive 97% DCI-P3 coverage and 147% Adobe SRGB. This makes the monitor great for content creators who need accurate colors in their work but do not have time to mess with 8-bit color depths if they’re only doing video editing or photography on top of design tasks every day as well.

Screen and Resolution:

My experience with the item has been very positive, and I feel that it will help many people just like me who require some relief. Want a gorgeous, jaw-dropping monitor that will easily take your breath away in awe? Then it would help if you got your hands on this MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD.

With sharp, clear graphics and catchy colors, it’s the perfect match for gamers looking to trade up their old monitors for top-of-line ones. I had an amazing experience with this product. The sleek 27″ (2560 x 1440) will allow all players at once to see every vibrant detail on the screen with crystal clarity.

In addition, this monitor is guaranteed to have you stepping up your game faster than ever before, so hesitancy won’t stand a chance. Want more killer features? You have to check out its optimized screen tendency that brings everything down smoothly without any delays or blurriness whatsoever, all while feeling completely free from eye strain.

A Reasonable Response Time:

I had a chance to review this product, and I have been really happy with the results. MSI’s MAG274QRF-QD is an excellent monitor for gamers.

With quick pixel response time, optimum color accuracy, and next to no input lag (the amount of delay between the controller and response onscreen), this classical monitor delivers sharp, crystal clear images with minimal blur.

Let me tell you, the first time I used this product, it exceeded all of my expectations. The MSI monitor has a 1ms response time. That means that every action your take on the screen will be done in one millisecond, guaranteeing total fun and frustration-free gameplay.

So whether you’re sniping other players from afar or harvesting resources from a long way off, this monitor is for you.

G-Sync Compatible Technology:

MSI Optix is G-Sync compatible with its proprietary “game mode” setting, reducing input lag to less than 1ms. In addition, you can be sure MSI has your high-end gaming needs covered, with the ability to achieve refresh rates up to 165Hz and 100% sRGB color accuracy. 

I have been so impressed with the product that I can’t stop telling people about it. Featuring Dual 1080p IPS panel displays for smooth gameplay without stutter or tearing, users of these monitors will have their game on lockdown. And you’ll love the benefits of ergonomic design too.

G-Sync display technology provides clear images by syncing the refresh rate between your graphics card and monitor so you can enjoy your games to their fullest potential.

Refresh Rate:

Why does everyone always come to you with their computer issues? No offense, but it’s because they know that the only person around who understands computers is you.

The Optix MAG274QRF-QD has enough specifications for all your power users—should they need it. If any of them are looking for a fantastic monitor, something with a high refresh rate without being overpriced, this option is perfect for them.

So, say goodbye to strobing and game blur. Instead, refresh rate is the standout feature on this MSI gaming monitor. With a blazing fast 165Hz refresh rate, you can stay ahead of your computer’s reaction times with other players while playing video games.


The MAG274QRF-QD is a great monitor for gamers and anyone who wants to work or play on the big screen. It features tons of input ports.

With two HDMI 2.0 and one Display Port 1.4 connectors to connect up to four devices at once – perfect for hooking this monitor up in tandem with your gaming PC or laptop when on the go!

You can also use MSI Gaming OSD, Windows 10 app that lets you adjust settings without having access through built-in menus–and best yet? It’s powered via USB Type B upstream (USB is backward compatible).

Adjustable Stand

The Optix is a high-quality monitor that allows you to adjust it in any way possible so your viewing experience will be at its best. I was a little nervous when I started using the product, but it was better than expected.

With full-motion adjustments, such as tilting and raising/lowering from an upright position or swiveling away from directly center stage without sacrificing picture quality when viewed sideways on either horizontal plane, this makes life easier for gamers looking to get comfortable while gaming.

Bottom Line:

I don’t know how I lucked out, but this product is great. The MSI has introduced the world’s first gaming monitor with a quantum dot IPS panel and G-Sync.

As if that weren’t enough, it also features an astonishing 165Hz refresh rate for smooth motion graphics and outstanding color reproduction capabilities. So, if you were looking to up your game in 2022, check out the MSI QHD Rapid-IPS Quantum DOT gaming monitor.

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