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LG 27UL500-W Gaming Montior

LG 27UL500-W Review : Budget 4K IPS Monitor

Every single pro-gamer deserve right-minded access to quality and affordable price range. So here I come with this LG monitor reviewed article to elaborate on all LG 27UL500-W functions.

With a fantastic 27-Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor capable of multitasking work and take care of all your work. No burden on your pocket; neither this Ultra-HD resolution make you disappointed while playing games like PS4 Pro.

When you want to buy a monitor that is acceptable to your mind, you’ll find yourself inundated with many technical specs. So, whatever the technology evolves, this monitor is acceptable by many of us due to its long-term features.

Design and Stylish Look:

You will catch LG 27UL500-W in a dark-gray chassis that’s paired with a silver stand, made up to effectively prevent reflections; the sleekness and dark-gray matte bezels of the monitor are thick.

While the screen coated with a matte 3H anti-glare coating. Moreover, its bezels are not quite thin, and you won’t find any placement issues with its adjustable stand.

To discuss its effortless feature as it is indeed to improve your attachment with the machine. It has a screen control option that lets the user do adjustments to have a lower and higher brightness, contrast ratio, and many changeable features. This feature is considerably more convenient than use it by force of hand buttons.

 IPS Panel with LED Technology:

Established with an IPS panel with dithered 10-bit color depth support (8-bit + FRC for 1.07 billion colors) and gives you a 98% sRGB color gamut. By the same token, it provides you a wide 178° viewing angles. What is more expensive than an IPS panel if we correlated it to other panels?

So you will be lucky to find this screen with a great performance that I consider a fantastic display with a low budget? To make you know more about a supplementary and panel-relevant feature.

Which includes a decent 300-nit peak brightness and a static contrast ratio of 700:1 – 1,000:1 depending on the particular use of the monitor. Finding a tech-related spec and you don’t found any drawback means you are not aware of the monitor technology.

Considerably telling you more of it, this panel has a “glowing” issue when it comes to a dark scene; you will find some of it on the corner of the screen. But not to worry, it has dozen more advantages than its a few drawbacks.

Screen And Resolution:

The LG is determined to deliver you an excellent 4K resolution and a large 27 “size that allows an amazing pixel density of 163ppI and provides a detailed image quality. Over and above, the LG 27UL500 offers you a screen that will never allow any flicking backlight.

Which is mean fully harmful to the eyes, but you get the filters that minimize blue lights. Both features make a comfortable viewing experience and prevent eye strain resulting in prolonged use of the monitor.

More than that, the LG 27UL500 also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range); it can support brighter highlights and a wider range viewing angle. Still, unlikely this monitor has a lack of color gamut, low brightness capacity, and not high contrast rate.

But these things do not much affect the all over performance of the monitor display, further include, more expensive things comes with more comfort.

A Reasonable Response:

The response time of 5ms (gray to gray pixel transition) can generate 16.8 million colors, along with an input lag transformation to only ~8ms, which is not considered a low value to do multiple things.

The Winged Shift of color scheme makes your graphics more viable and workable from one color to another. Sooner or later, to find a high dynamic or full-spectrum color accuracy, this response time work in milliseconds.

Refresh Rate:

Evidently, it possesses a display’s 60Hz refresh rate, which means you do have the intent to notice any delays or prominent trailing behind fast-moving objects.

Radeon Freesync technology: Be necessary to incorporate monitors during gaming and video playback, not allowable by users, especially the sensitive one, any input latency, screen shuttering, and tearing.

The LG 27UL500 is capable and supports MD FreeSync, accommodating a variable refresh rate (VRR) if you get hold of a compatible graphics card. It has a temperament range of 40-60Hz/FPS (Frames per Second), which is durable to do multitasking but does not appreciate the high graphics modules.

Cable Management System:

Before you start plugging any wires or cables back of the monitor, you will find the finest place just as the back of the monitor is plain with no cable rush.


Connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, and a headphones jack, as well as HDCP 2.2 and HDR.

Bottom Line:

Comprehensively, I assuredly say, now you prefer this LG 27UL500 over many multitasking monitors because it has an excellent budget 4K IPS monitor.

Due to the reason I highly recommended this monitor, it has a low budget monitor compare to performance, on the ground that if we compare to another market, it is less expensive. It delivers smooth and great image quality and an attainment monitor to have on your desktop.

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