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GIGABYTE G27Q Monitor Review

GIGABYTE G27Q Review: 27″ 144Hz 1440P Gaming Monitor

This monitor is a true workaholic. With so many features, it’ll be hard to find another one with this much quality.  The GIGABYTE G27Q 1440P Gaming Monitor is a high-performance gaming monitor with a 2560 x 1440 resolution and 1ms response time. In addition, this display features an IPS panel, so the viewing angles are wide and accurate. 

It has a rapid refresh rate of 144Hz, which means it will handle fast-paced games without stuttering or lag. With all these features, the monitor is incredible. Gamers can enjoy their favorite titles in true color thanks to the 10bit FRC technology that provides more than one billion colors for the precise reproduction of every on-screen detail.

While AMD Free Sync™ technology reduces screen tearing and choppy frame rates by syncing your graphics card’s frame rate output to your monitor’s refresh rate input—allowing you to play fast-paced games.

Design and Stylish Look

The G27Q is the ideal gaming monitor for those looking to multitask with their computer. It’s big enough that you can use it without feeling overwhelmed, yet small enough, so your desk isn’t cluttered or taken over by another screen. The stand offers simple height adjustment and tilt.

Still, no swivel – perfect if you prefer walls instead of ceilings mounting this puppy up high where its VESA compatible mountings will keep things level regardless of how many other devices have been running rampant on top.

Since they were first installed years ago at college, all these nerd gags started happening again just like old times, only better because now there are more advanced technologies available than ever before.

IPS Panel 

This monitor has an IPS panel that can produce amazing colors, making it incredibly beautiful. With these features and more, this screen is perfect for you.

Narrow the viewing angle to create more compelling visuals with this IPS display from GIGABYTE. The 178° wide-view angle allows you to be as far as 177° away from the screen and still enjoy a clear view of your images. 

IPS technology has come into its own in this monitor. With all of the features it packs, you’ll be able to see everything beautifully and even when plenty is going on around.

You also won’t deal with skewed colors or compromised resolution due to a less than optimal seating situation, as it features a strengthened backlight for flawless image quality no matter where your position is.

Color Scheme

A smart computer monitor that calibrates to your exact needs! Overcome all sorts of barriers with this GIGABYTE monitor. Studio-grade VESA Display is for vivid colors and dynamic graphics in entertainment, gaming, photo editing, and more.

With a color gamut larger than ever before (92% coverage of the DCI-P3 standard), you can engage in all sorts of bolder colors thanks to 120% sRGB coverage too! This means it covers 92% DCI-P3 healthcare accuracy making it perfect for graphic designers.

In addition, it has built-in intelligence that recognizes its surroundings automatically when turned on or when an app starts executing. The Color Navigator software will then optimize professional workflows like never before.

Screen and Resolution

As you may have guessed from its name, the Monitor has a stunning screen with all those amazing features. The resolution of this monitor is incredible, and it’s hard to believe that such advanced technology can even exist.

G27Q is the first monitor of its kind to offer a 27-inch screen with an amazing 2560×1440 resolution for more screen space, so you can work more efficiently. In addition, it sports a Zero Frame design for seamless viewing with no bezel distraction from those on-screen dialogs and menus.

A Reasonable Response time

The GIGABYTE G27Q is designed to offer one of the best gaming experiences in today’s market. With lightning-quick 1ms response time, you’ll notice the difference in your gameplay with increased accuracy and fluidity.

This monitor has a huge range for viewing distances, making it perfect for how demanding gamers are. The added mount-ability feature provides an alternative way to display your gaming equipment, especially if space is premium.

AMD FreeSync Technology

Do you ever stop to consider how your gameplay could be made smoother? For example, when frame rates are inconsistent, games can begin to feel subjective. 

I love how this monitor has amazing AMD FreeSync technology. With all these features, it’s hard to pick a favorite. The GIGABYTE G27Q makes sure that there are no hiccups.

That means less waiting, more playing- it’s just better every day. Smooth gameplay with AMD FreeSync Premium ensures the smoothest possible gaming experience for periods of low framerate/packet rate on any display. Thanks to this controller, you’ll never have a feeling of being left behind or outpaced in an intense battle scene.

Refresh Rate

With all these features, I can’t help but be impressed. This monitor has an incredible refresh rate and truly is the best in its class. One big problem in the world of PCs is finding high-quality parts, especially when you need to find them fast. 

Good news! Gigabyte has created the G27Q (144Hz Refresh Rate), making it easy for anyone to get that exclusive PC gaming experience they deserve. Say goodbye to sluggish monitors with this innovative product that will surely change your relationship with graphics forever.


You can plug in your peripherals with the built-in two USB 3.0 ports and 2W speakers, making this monitor perfect for any gamer who wants to get some extra noise while they game. This monitor has an incredible number of features, and it’s made to be connected: the world can’t stop when we’re on the on-the-go.

With its assortment of connectivity options, this monitor is more than just incredible. The G27Q’s two HDMI 2.0 ports to connect to Laptop and a DisplayPort 1.2 allow you to connect two consoles, which is great for streamers who want maximum gaming power at their disposal without having an expensive PC hooked up all the time.

Why Buy this

Immersive, responsive, and intuitive. I am very impressed with this monitor’s display of capabilities from all its features. It packs into a sleek design without compromising any important aspects like image quality or color accuracy.

The G27Q is a beast of a monitor for gamers! It features an IPS display with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time to ensure you enjoy the smoothest gameplay possible. You can also take advantage of AMD FreeSync Premium, which allows your screen to sync its frames per second over your graphics card’s output by combining both input frequencies from 60hz-144hz. 

This minimizes tearing stuttering, and motion blurring for more fluid gaming that will have you on the edge of your seat! With this monitor, it doesn’t matter if you want superb crisp colors recreated right in front of your eyes at 2560×1440 resolution or immersive colors perfect for watching movies with sharp contrast ratios.

Bottom Line

A lot goes into choosing what type and brand you wish to purchase, but if quality matters most, I would say go ahead take this monitor on your desktop. If you’re looking for a new gaming monitor, then the G27Q is one of your best bets.

In addition, the sleek design can be used without worry in either work or play, thanks to its vibrant color representation.It has all the features that gamers need and more at an affordable price point.

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