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Dell S3221QS Monitor

Dell S3221QS Review : Curved 4K HDMI Photography Monitor 2021

Without breaking the bank Dell S3221QS, 32 Inch Curved monitor holding 4K UHD screen has all the style and fantastic performance you need in a monitor for photo editing and gaming. Not just saying it’s good in gaming; apart from this, it’s suitable for multitasking; along with that, you would experience more desk space.

A versatile monitor offer you a solid experience across the board, with a high curved 1800R display that bid an IPS technology through ultra-wide viewing angles and fully height adjustment permission.

Design And Stylish Look:

By all means, Dell S3221QS offers you more than just a pretty design. Though here to disuses its dynamic good looking screen, that surely change your mind among many of monitors.

Served you with striking 1800R curved style, this elegant, dynamic, and feast one’s eyes monitor design with a texture of its fantastic dull, black fascia.

An accustomed screen that tends to a slim bezel, white back panel, and silver stand brings the feeling of a harmonious blend of inordinate style and product quality into every living space.

IPS Panel With LED Technology:

Take from advertisement, the IPS (in-plane switching) display is considered a consistent, accurate color scheme and good from all viewing angles. But one aspect you should keep in mind about IPS monitors has “IPS glow.”

It happens on the corner of the screen during the blackest scene; on the other hand, the IPS glow drawback completely manageable. Considerably IPS panels are much better than TNs panels through their amazing uniformity in the black atmosphere.

Color Scheme:

The amalgamation of these two features, 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 gives you wider color coverage that ultimately produces color support of a 1.07 billion rich color scheme, making it a preposterous screen. 

After disclosing those, features, it is better to say it is the best option for professional video and image editors. And let you known there is no light bleed and fix up with vibrant colors which are consistent across the whole area.

You get the greater depth and a wider range of shades through high contrast of 3,000:1 and typical brightness of 300 cd/m².

Screen And Resolution:

When you have it in hand, this fanatical curved 1800R screen could surely expand your field of view and provides a wrap-around image vision accuracy to get an immersive screen experience.

Still and all this 32-inch curved screen grant his user to do work more comfortably. Have the capacity to open multiple windows and surely provide an astonishingly immersive gaming acquaintance.

A native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, 4k technology is no longer a dream with that high curved screen. This amalgamation makes this screen more appealable and affordable among many of its competitors.

Though this TÜV-certification makes this monitor a flicker-free display with a comfortable view, a spec that reason to reduces harmful blue light emissions. 

A Reasonable Response Time:

Delivering you 8ms (grey-to-grey normal); 5ms (grey-to-grey fast) and 4ms (grey-to-grey extreme), response time. Though I prefer to guide you and intimate, you avoid using the extreme one and fast grey speed, it becomes unbearably fast speed that becomes a reason for image blurring.

It is moving at a normal speed that delivers a vibrant color scheme and more good color accuracy.

AMD FreeSync Technology:

The availability of AMD FreeSync with a 40-60Hz VRR (variable refresh rate) is indeed to do much multitasking. Providing you a graphic power by FreeSync resulting produce speculation there you find no noticeable screen tearing.

Furthermore, while the monitor is certified as AMD FreeSync Compatible by NVIDIA. As mentioned earlier, the Dell as mentioned earlier S3221QS is capable of supporting AMD FreeSync, which accommodates a variable refresh rate (VRR) if you have a compatible graphics card.

Refresh Rate:

Its 60Hz refresh rate is considered a suitable frame rate to do the various task. Notwithstanding this frame, speed is not contemplating to play fast-paced games or speedy video. 

A higher frame rate gives you more video quality, abridged eye exertion, and even bolstered up your gaming experiences. This is why many pro-gamer want a higher rate that reasoning plays competitive and fast-paced games more comfortably.


Connectivity ports provide multiple ports as the power connector, one HDMI 2.0 port, one display port 1.2, and one audio line out port.

Also, having multiple USB ports includes 3.0 upstream, 3.0 downstream port, and a USB 3.0 downstream with BC 1.2 charging and built-in speakers availability.

Bottom Line:

The Dell 4K S3221QS not only provides excellent image quality, but it’s a great-looking peripheral as well. Overall, this is a solid choice with a 1800R curved screen. The screen looks great with the rich 4K display, making it a good choice for work, gaming, or watching videos online.

Decent response time and well brightness that performs well in dark rooms and higher response time can play your favorite games. Overall, this amazing featured-based monitor is considered the best monitor compared to its affordable price and performance.

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