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Dell S2719DGF Gaming Monitor Review

Dell S2719DGF Review : 27″ QHD 144Hz 1440P 1ms LED-Lit Gaming Monitor

This blog post is about the Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor; QHD (2560 x 1440). This monitor has many features to offer, from being a touch screen to have an anti-glare coating. 

The monitor also has AMD FreeSync for eliminating tearing and stuttering that is often associated with gaming. The monitor offers up to 75% less eye strain than other monitors on the market because it offers flicker-free technology. 

See how the Dell S2719DGF provides gamers with one of the best displays in its class. I’ve tried everything from high-end monitors to low-cost options. Nothing has been able to match the quality of this product, and I can finally say with confidence that my experience is fantastic. It has a fantastic monitor and is worth trying out for yourself.

I’m finally happy with my results from using it, so go ahead and give them a shot because no matter what – your satisfaction is guaranteed, or a return policy applies.

Design and Stylish Look:

The Dell S-Series Gaming Monitor with QHD delivers a sleek and stunning design that deserves to be seen. If you’re a serious gamer, this monitor is for you. The team at Dell has worked hard to create the perfect gaming monitor for Gamescom, CES 2019, and SXSW – all in one – each time exceeding expectations. You need not search any further because the S2719DGF is here waiting for your trigger button press to unleash its wonderful glow.

TN Panel:

I’m not one to give up on products quickly, but I’ve tried every screen protector under the sun, and none could compare. An impact it would have with TN panels like these ones are perfect for work or gaming. Dell is made for players that want an edge on their competitors. With refresh rates of 155 Hz, the TN panel delivers hyper-fast responsiveness times – no lag. 

And when you are playing games later at night, complete your gaming experience with WLED backlighting across the entire display plus high contrast ratios and 350cd/m² of brightness to make sure no dark areas will slip by undetected.

Color Scheme:

There are so many products out in the market that claim to be “the best.” I’ve tried them all, but this one just edges it for me. Plus, with its amazing monitor’s Color scheme and interface design.

Welcome to the world of your games pixelated no more with this Dell S-Series LED-lit Gaming Monitor. The colors are realistic, fast-paced activities and exhilarating gameplay with 350 candelas per square meter brightness and an overclock 144-hertz refresh rate. 

Plus, you’ll be lauded for having one of the brightest screens on the market, packing 3.68 million pixels into good old 1080p HD territory. And if that knowledge doesn’t help you secure victory, then worry not, friend, because even though it’s a powerful beast. This monitor packs whisper-quiet technology perfect for studying or movie watching after blasting baddies off their feet all day long.

Screen and Resolution:

I’ve done a lot of product reviews, but I can tell you this is one of the best. The monitor’s screen and resolution are fantastic, which will make it easier for me to do my work efficiently with an excellent user experience. 

Stop holding back your game’s performance with pixelated movement and laggy gameplay. With the Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Gaming Monitor, you’ll experience an out-of-this-world display thanks to its QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution with 3.68 million pixels which is over two times more than full HD. 

You’ll also enjoy practical on-screen optimization with a fast response time of 1ms that reduces input lag while shooting it out in the blink of an eye for accurate intuitive control. This monitor has a lot to offer, so take advantage of all these features without missing a beat.

A Reasonable Response Time:

You won’t have to worry about missing any of your game’s details as this monitor has a lot of features along with a 1ms ultra-quick response time that will leave your enemies dizzy spellbound by everything happening on screen. So click away now because the thrill is unmatched.

You can Experience tear-free, super-smooth visuals with low input lag at an unbelievably rapid 1ms response time. The pixel pitch is so sleek that you’ll get lost in inch after inch of immersive gameplay space with a widescreen view comparable even to a cinematic movie theater screen.”

FreeSync Technology:

Own the newest addition to Dell’s gaming lineup. Designed with essential features like low input lag and responsiveness, you can play with optimal settings at every turn. Then, take your game to the next level by integrating AMD FreeSync for smooth, fluid gaming without tearing or stuttering even when playing fast-paced games.

So, if you are a gamer, this is the perfect monitor for you! It has all of the features that make it easy to play your games. With its high-resolution QHD display with TN technology, you get incredibly low input lag and response time. Plus, it’s got FreeSync variable refresh rate technology—so your gameplay will have no screen tearing or stuttering. 

Refresh Rate:

This one just doesn’t compare, and an impact it would have on my gaming experience with the fantastic monitor’s Refresh rate. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster when playing games or watching videos in 144 FPS (frames per second). It makes me want to get up and dance around while listening loudly without making myself look crazy from people thinking what is wrong with him.

Imagine your perfect favorite game without the annoying tearing and strobing. So, step up to an uncompromising monitor with the Dell S2719DGF. Up to 144HZ refresh rate paired with a rapid 1ms response time will assuredly provide optimized results for fast-paced games, so you can enjoy hassle-free picture clarity at all times.

In addition, the Full HD resolution of this monitor is nearly double that of standard 1080p resolution, giving you unspoiled enjoyment when you’re in front of it. I can assure you With its 144 Hertz triple refresh rate. You’ll be sure not to have any ghosting or tearing of the images on-screen, giving you ultimate clarity, unwavering resolution, and clean graphics.

You will also be taken aback by the responsive visuals through AMD FreeSync Technology which minimizes screen tear, and displays stutter with synchronized brightness levels for near-seamless transitions between frames.


With its high clarity on this LED-lit monitor, you can be sure that your game or movie is brighter than ever before. Add to this QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 and fasten up for the new level gaming experience. With three different ports available (VGA, HDMI, Mini Displayport), it’s easy to plug in any device with an unneeded cord onto the single input of the Dell S2719DGF.

However, if you’re feeling creative and don’t want to bother with cords at all, then just use Wireless HD near field communication-enabled TVs or monitors with Miracast or WiDi streaming.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a monitor that offers fast response times and high refresh rates, the Dell S-Series 27-Inch Screen Gaming Monitor may be your best bet. This widescreen display features QHD resolution with up to 144 Hz of refresh rate speed and 1 ms of pixel response time so you can enjoy blur-free gameplay without any ghosting or smearing, even in dark scenes.

Alongside its ability to handle games at ultra-speeds, this monitor also comes equipped with HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2 inputs, allowing it to offer 4K HDR content at 144Hz on compatible hardware such as Xbox One X consoles.

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