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best monitors for photo editing and gaming

Best Monitor For Photo Editing And Gaming ( Photography , 4K ) 2021

We’ve compiled a list of seven great monitors for photographers and gamers alike with a range of prices that are sure to suit every budget.  Whether you’re looking for an ultra wide gaming monitor or need some more screen space than what’s offered by your laptop, we’ve got you covered!

Every photographer knows that monitor quality has a huge impact on how they edit and see their images. Some monitors can have poor color accuracy, lack of contrast, or offer only one viewing angle, while others may be too bright for editing work. 

We also break down all specs so that it is easy to find your perfect monitor. How many times have you been shopping for a new computer but couldn’t decide which one was right?

 Well, now, with our list of top-rated monitors, there’s no need to worry about getting lost in a sea of options.  This article provides everything from size and resolution to input types and panel types – even gaming compatibility! 

So if you’re ready to invest in some screens for your next project or want something that can handle You have wanted something with a high refresh rate to enjoy your game without lag or screen tearing, a high contrast ratio to make the colors pop, and plenty of pixels for more viewing space.

How can you be sure that your monitor is the right one for what you want to do with it? There are many monitors out there, and they all have their specifications.  It is important to know which specs are most important to decide on the best monitor for your needs. 

In this post, I will give 7 of the best monitors available on the market today and tell you why they are great for photo editing or gaming and provide some specifications about each one.

In addition to our list, we will provide you with information on what makes these monitors so great such that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next monitor!

List of Top Rated Best Monitor For Photo Editing And Gaming in 2021

  1. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27 IPS WQHD Monitor
  2. BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4K Monitor for Designers
  3. BenQ PD3200U 32 inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor
  4. BenQ SW2700PT 27 Inch QHD 1440P IPS Photography Monitor
  5. Dell S3221QS 32 Inch Curved 4K UHD HDMI Monitor
  6. MSI Prestige PS341WU 5K UHD 8MS Nano IPS Gaming Monitor
  7. ViewSonic VP3268 4K 32-Inch Premium IPS 4K Monitor

#1 – ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27 IPS WQHD Monitor

ASUS Pro Art PA278QV monitor for photo editing and gaming

The ASUS Pro-Art PA278QV is a 27-inch that will leave the best IPS monitor for photographers and gamers alike extremely satisfied. The ASUS ProArt PA278QV is a (2560 x 1440) resolution display with frame less design and international color standard 100% of sRGB, Rec. 709 wide color gamut.

Editors are always looking for the best monitors to use for photo editing and gaming. It has been tested to meet international color standards, providing you with excellent Delta E < 2 colors while being tested by Calman Verified. 

ASUS AMA monitor is a beautiful piece of hardware that will take your sight for an amazing visual experience.  With its wide-gamut and accurate colors, it does handle everything well – editing as well as gaming.

You’ll be able to share this beauty all thanks to its extensive connectivity for maximum flexibility (including Mini DisplayPort in all sorts of office or home environments.

This IPS monitor is perfect for artists of all skill levels – from photography to painting to video rendering. Setting up your screen is easy enough, as the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV contains numerous adjustable color parameters (proprietary to Asus are their ProArt Presets and ProArt Palettes).

Top-quality, high-definition visuals with no issues.  The Asus PA278QV doesn’t have any other problem areas: you’re getting excellent performance approved by experts at Calman Verified laboratories; there’s super quick connectivity.

It features extensive connectivity options, including WIiFi certified Mini ScreenPro to ensure superior photo quality even at distances up to 33 ft.

#2 – BenQ PD2700U 27 inch 4K Monitor for Designers

BenQ PD2700U monitor for photo editing and gaming

With this 27-inch 4K monitor, the best 4k monitors for photo editing and gaming around in 2021! With features like dual view modes and various custom views, design experts speak highly of its ability to transform its work processes better. 

Multiple sizes are also available to accommodate larger sizes too! Prepare never to be satisfied with your display again.  Whether you’re a professional creative looking for the perfect screen or just someone who likes playing amazing games, this 4K UHD IPS monitor is an excellent option. 

With 100% Rec709 and sRGB color calibration, there’s no need to worry about accuracy.  The adjustable stand helps make sure that you always have an expansive view of what you are working on.  Add in eye-care technology; we think it’d make one of them you can do more to improve your photo editing workflow.

We’re proud to offer dual-view (PIP) and Picture in Picture (PBP) for extended viewing features built into our favorite monitor; it’s easy to do anything when you have two screens right by your fingertips.

With outstanding color and detail, get everything at your fingertips as you design your next masterpiece.  It also offers a 60-hertz refresh rate, making it leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

In addition, the monitor comes factory-calibrated for perfect accuracy and brightness.  We know that fast editing means better work content, which this HDR10 capable monitor has engineered itself for! 

Tone colors down to 10-bit technology while covering 100%sRGB or Rec 709 through its large screen size and 350 cd/㎡ brightness.

#3 – BenQ PD3200U 32 inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor

BENQ PD3200U monitor for photo editing and gaming

BenQ’s PD3200U best 32-inch monitors for photo editing and gaming are the perfect addition to any photographer or gamer’s collection.  The large 32-inch display will make it easier to spot all those tiny yet influential details while being able to view your work with a crystal-clear image. 

This 4k UHD monitor features an IPS panel, ensuring bright and crisp colors without losing their detail compared to other screens. It makes your photos and videos look brighter with a wide variety of color spaces. 

The ergonomic features allow you to customize your viewing experience, so it’s perfect for CAD/CAM Designers and Photographers. Eye care technology enables 24/7 comfortable use without strain. 

Do you love the look of professional photography? Then, you’ll want to see what our new graphic arts-oriented monitor has in store for you.  With featured like a high contrast ratio, wide quickness of response time.

Want more than just colors on your display? Throw some keyboard video mouse (KVM) switches into the mix too!  This powerful device will show off any design or artistic endeavor you want to display on its impressive screens with easy access to two sources.

Don’t be afraid to invest in this monitor because it has eye care innovation with flicker-free technology!  It also boasts 250 cd/㎡ brightness, which is high enough for easy reading without straining the eyes. 

With the BenQ PD3200U 32 inch, you can see everything with 100% Adobe RGB and Rec. 709 coverage plus a wide variety of other color spaces!  The Ergonomic features allow you to find the perfect position for your viewing comfort.

The most current technology available in today’s market is a long way from where it was back when we were kids with tubes (some might argue if they’re not dramatic).

#4 – BenQ SW2700PT 27 Inch QHD 1440P IPS Photography Monitor

BenQ SW2700PT monitor for photo editing and gaming

The SW2700PT is a Quad HD 27-inch IPS display with a high resolution of 2560 × 1440.  You have just found the best BenQ monitors for photo editing and gaming. 

Its color accuracy on 99% Adobe RGB makes visual editing and computing more precise, while the Aqcolor technology ensures that colors are reproduced accurately as intended in reality. 

Its advanced, built-in, 14-bit 3D look-up table (LUT) provides a superb rendition of colors between the ideal value and the actual values, so your images don’t only appear accurate but vibrant too. 

“The color accuracy you need to get brilliant photos and graphics – combined with an ergonomic design for long hours of photo editing. Adobe RGB, 99% sRGB, and 98% Adobe RBG faithfully capture best monitor color accuracy that goes beyond limitations of screen tints or misguided calibration!”

This 27-inch BenQ SW2700PT high-quality monitor is perfect for your needs and has Delta E≤ 2 accurate color reproduction.

Additionally, this device includes hotkey Puck Efficiency Boost to effectively increase your productivity when working with Photoshop or other photo editing software. 

Best of all? Each monitor arrives pre-calibrated from the factory so you can get right down to business without any muss, fuss, or bother.” This screen will give you accurate colors with ultra-wide viewing angles from horizontal to vertical combined with minimal distortion. 

The touch-sensitive hotkey puck allows you to change the brightness of your screen quickly by just touching a button – or set it to do any other functions that you need! 

One of the best monitors for photo editing and gaming, BenQ SW2700PT is an all-in-one solution that delivers accurate color reproduction and cutting-edge design. 

More like 3D LUTs, Graphic Hours Intelligence (GHi), AqColors, or Black & White Mode when you need more than a simple adjustment at your fingertips. 

This monitor has everything one needs to complete comfort while editing photos, pictures, gaming on pixel-perfect screens with accurate colors, so no detail goes unnoticed. 

#5 – Dell S3221QS 32 Inch Curved 4K UHD HDMI Monitor

Dell S3221QS monitor for photo editing and gaming

The Dell S3221QS is the perfect monitor for those who want quality without sacrificing features when it comes to the best-curved monitor for photo editing and gaming. Experience stunning visuals and crisp colors with the Dell S3221QS 32 inch curved 4k UHD ultra-thin bezel monitor.

The 1800R curvature of this monitor expands your field of vision while providing wrap-around views during gaming or watching movies in 4x the resolution.  Let’s you view every detail of the screen in true color and high contrast 3000:1. 

Update your desk setup with the Dell S3221QS, a 31.5-inch display with an ultra-thin bezel and built-in speakers to provide an immersive viewing experience. With a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this screen provides smoother images for gaming, editing photos, watching movies, and more. 

Monitor fixes all of your problems with a stylish design plus a beautiful VA panel when it’s time to edit photos or play some games!

It features built-in speakers that work in conjunction to provide an immersive surround sound experience and offer VESA support which means you can mount on the wall or move from room to room without hassle!

You can do more multitasking than ever before at crisp resolution.  And TÜV certifications ensure it’s safe for your office environment as well because of its anti-glare screen and ergonomic layout. 

With AMD FreeSync technology, experience fluid motions without tear lines or stuttering content–making this investment worth its weight in gold for any dedicated game enthusiast!

You can multitask like never before by connecting this monitor to two devices simultaneously with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs!  Whether you’re editing photos, getting lost in a video game, or simply browsing the internet, the curved 1800R screen provides an immersive experience that will show off what your content has to offer. 

#6 – MSI Prestige PS341WU 5K UHD 8MS Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

MSI Prestige PS341WU monitor for photo editing and gaming

MSI, the leading gaming monitor manufacturer in North America and Europe, offers the best Ultra-Wide monitor for photo editing and gaming.  This 34-inch, WQHD, 5K2K display will effortlessly handle photo editing jobs with crisp detail and color accuracy thanks to its IPS panel. 

As creators gear up to work on the latest project, they’ll have plenty of room between the dual 3-side frameless design coupled with razor-sharp UHD viewing angles ensuring all their material looks stunning from different angles.

MSI is always one to explore what’s possible, leading everyone into the future with cutting-edge monitor technology. And that doesn’t stop there, folks! 

This device has an ultra-bezel and excellent quality panel, a 98% of DCI-P3 color gamut, a pre-calibrated factory for the most excellent color accuracy, and an innovative PIP technology.

Adjustment 34″ Nano IPS Gaming Monitor is a truly high-end display designed to exceed your expectations on speed and picture quality by utilizing an innovative design with superior features.

Allows one to enjoy time-lapse sequences while browsing through photos at full-screen resolution.  It provides flexibility by yielding two displays from one monitor picture without disrupting image integrity like flickering or distortion.

With Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards or AMD Radeon Vega graphics cards, this monitor provides a perfect color rendition without any input lag– while providing smooth gameplay as well!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this 34-inch ultra-wide WUHD display by MSI will take your photo editing to the next level with five separate screens allowing all those hard-earned details to shine.  Never again lose the composition of that ever so important product or platter because it was too small in the frame.

This screen’s manufactured quality is finely tuned at the factory before being shipped out. Hence, every display aspect corresponds completely with specifications set forth to ensure calibrated monikers for professionals.

A built-in Sound Blaster sound system makes immersive experiences complete without external speakers or headphones.

#7 – ViewSonic VP3268 4K 32-Inch Premium IPS 4K Monitor

ViewSonic VP3268 monitor for photo editing and gaming

With the new ViewSonic VP3268-4K 32-inch monitor, you’ll be able to view your work from up close and personal — so detailed that it’s almost lifelike. It would be better to say the best Premium IPS monitor for photo editing and gaming. 

Use this monitor for editing, designing, or drawing photoshop art with a huge canvas to draw. Its 60Hz refresh rate prevents any blurring when scrolling down reams of text like on Google Docs. 

With its 14-bit 3D LUT color gamut, Delta E <2 accuracy, and 4.39 trillion color display capabilities, all colors will exactly match what you see on the screen compared to other monitors.

Which can’t produce true, accurate colors without professional calibration setups through hardware calibrators, charts and vector-scopes available online. Keywords Professional, serious gamers, and photo editors are looking for a pro monitor that delivers the best color and clarity for their design needs.

It’s specifically designed with your needs in mind – from every angle, it is perfect for use whether you’re designing, editing photos, or just playing games like Never winterXtreme EDITION.

Quickly calibrate your monitor colors to perfection with one nit of accuracy and sharp rendering between 99 – 100% sRGB coverage. In addition, this monitor delivers super clear displays that come at the right price point for anyone looking for the best monitors available today!

HDR10 Support is the perfect companion for all of your desktop needs. The screen offers a digital canvas that allows you to fully enjoy every detail in every photo or spreadsheet you are working on. Quick and easy calibration ensures the color displayed perfectly matches your original file and reliable eye care technology.

Moreover, it protects against harmful blue light emissions from LED screens, so it won’t strain your eyes or cause fatigue after long hours of use.  So let your creative mind go free, and don’t miss out on this opportunity! Look good, feel great! The ViewSonic VP3268-4K monitor is perfect for photo editing or gaming.

You’ll never worry about things not being true to the original file again.  With a sleek, this frameless digital canvas delivers an expansive workspace while easy calibration guarantees your images are precise and lifelike, providing exceptional detail with vibrant colors every time.

Calibrate your monitor to match viewing images perfectly by using its quick and Easy calibration, which ensures that every detail is displayed accurately so you can focus on what matters the most – precise rendering of lifelike images without any distractions. 

Buying Terminology:

Ever since the introduction of televisions in the 1940’s, screens have been getting bigger and more advanced. Nowadays there are so many different types of monitors that it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Whether you’re a gamer, photo editor or just looking for something with good color accuracy this buying guide will provide some helpful advice on how to buy a monitor!   

The first thing you’ll need to do when trying to decide what kind of screen is right for you is figure out what type of device it will be used with. If your computer has an HDMI input then an HDTV might be perfect but if your laptop doesn’t have any video ports at all then maybe a traditional LCD would work better.

Gaming monitors and photo editing monitors have different requirements. If you need help figuring out which of these two types of monitor would be best for you, then keep reading! In this helping buying guide we’ll discuss all possible considerations.

Refresh Rate (Hz):

Frames Per Second used to be a benchmark for evaluating the hardware power of a gaming monitor and editing something; the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the work experience. We probably recommended a refresh rate of 144Hz as it is much compatible to get the work done. 


People got bothered when it comes to select the latest and fastest adaptive technology. Still, in our experience, both have probably the same chain of functions, so you have to pick that one. However, the cheapest technology to adapt is free-sync, as it is available more easily and conveniently.

By adapting, is one of that tech gives you a tear-free and shutter-free screen production.

Response Time:

For photo editing, quick response time is not matter a lot but matter if you are editing high graphical videos. Rather you can avail, fast-paced games that need at least 5 ms response time that will allow you to get any modern game experience. 


When it comes to photo editing, a monitor with an IPS panel is considered the best for photo editing compare with a TN panel and VA panel. Although every panel has its advantages and disadvantages, more preferably, we choose to consider the IPS; just with one bad drawback of IPS glow when it comes to dark, its sides glow greatly.

But not a matter of interest, it is most suitable for enhancing your gaming experience; also, it makes games more realistic due to its highest color gamut.

Peak Brightness And Ultrawide:

                              As we consider it seriously, most editing and playing games are not done in dark spaces. And with that IPS panel, this factor is not an issue. But, of course, you must bear in mind that having a bright display is useful. But work in dark spaces is harmful to human eyes.


           A higher resolution is important when it comes to editing photos. You should have at least a Full HD (1920 x 1080) monitor with more color schemes and panels available for the user for your photo editing needs. 

But if gaming is what’s on your mind, then high resolutions are key! The first thing that will come into play here is 4K, or Ultra HD monitors with an IPS panel that can give you better results in graphics compared to lower-resolution screens like those found in laptops or tablets. Sometimes, it is needed, but you should go higher when you have both fantasies as your pocket does not limit you.  

Viewing Angle: 

Suppose you love editing photos and some after playing games for that. In that case, the best option is for you to avail yourself of an IPS panel with a viewing angle of at least 160 degrees in any direction. Still, most pro-gamers want to play games sit in front of the monitor; a good viewing angle matters a lot when you are giving a lot of time to sit in front of a monitor.

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