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best 32 inch curved gaming monitor (4K , 144Hz) 2021

Best 32 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor (4K, 144Hz, 1440P) 2022

Are you a gaming lover, then you are on the right spot; we are here to come out with the best 32 Inch curved gaming monitors? We have always been turned inside out the surprising and advance gaming monitors for our consumers, which never make any inch of regret after buying these best outcomes.

In that era of 2022, all the tech companies in the race of producing monitors face higher competition to deal with the customer desires as it is evolving from time to time. Many of the companies offer large screen sizes, commonly 24 to 27-inch display, with this specification of full HD and contrast display to tackle this concern.

On the other hand, as specs expand and evolve, the companies produce and dispense the best quality gaming monitor with higher and fastest response time. Additionally, more sharp display, more stimulate the rate of the display and the use of sync card which ultimately give the best experience of playing the modern era games.

We are exchange views on all the newest and fastest gaming monitors, which makes you able to adopt the right gaming monitor that makes the user involved in the advantageous environment.

So the user’s choice must be prioritized, as all the below-mentioned gaming monitors have all those attributes.These Best gaming monitor do such things which a gamer have in his fantasies.

A good monitor has not to entertain but good for eye health; with detailed research here, we enlist all those best monitors which are less harmful to human eyes. In the same manner, these monitors have such aptitude with better high tech such as response time, refresh rate, viewing angles, and best color scheme.

A pro-gamer always want a refreshing display that does not disturb any inch of his entertainment; this list makes you choose your dream display screen

List of Top Rated Best 32 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor in 2022

  1. SAMSUNG LC32HG70QQN, C32HG70 32″ HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitor
  2. BenQ EX3203R 32 inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
  3. ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ 32 Curved Monitor
  4. SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 32 Inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
  5. LG 32GN650-B 32 Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor
  6. ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch 1080p Frameless Widescreen Monitor
  7. AOC C32G2 32 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
  8. Acer Predator XB321HK bmiphz 32 Inch IPS UHD Gaming Monitor

#1- SAMSUNG LC32HG70QQN, C32HG70 32″ HDR QLED 144Hz 1ms Curved Gaming Monitor

samsung c32hg70 32 hdr qled 144hz 1ms curved gaming

This SAMSUNG LC32HG70QQN is a massive best 32-inch curved gaming monitor and an excellent model with a fairly aggressive price tag. This monitor 1,800R curvature gives you an atmosphere to bring your gaming destination pulled in and wrapped around with all expectations.

The SAMSUNG C32HG70 monitors offer a simple, inventive gaming screen designed to meet your everyday gaming needs.

The screen size is almost 32 inches with a wider viewing angle; this size is more common on the desktop besides more useful in playing the game.An amazing curved panel border looks glamorous with a slim panel border and dark blue-black matte plastic bottom.

This machine has a VA panel that delivers deep blacks display with faster response time, brilliant color reproduction, and strong color performance with full HD graphics.  But that feature of the VA panel delivers the user a realistic graphic experience; it is capable of delivering a billion shades of accurate color scheme.

That gaming monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate with overclocking, which seems good in that budget, although this rate is considered enough for a pro-gamer to play any modern game.

SAMSUNG gives you another level of satisfaction due to playing on its wider graphical screen. Adaptive-Sync is supported to be on guard that caused no stuttering to frame accuracy and refresh rate mismatches.

If we talk about its ports, it has a DP and 2 HDMI ports, providing a multiple connection interface as that dual HDMI port of 2.0 and one display port, With HDMI 2.0. That monitor is highly recommended for pro gamers, who always seek that feature that could result in QHD gaming technology.

#2 – BenQ EX3203R 32 inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

BenQ EX3203R 32 inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

The BenQ EX3203R offers an authentic and amazing color scheme, wide viewing angles, with the inscription of the best 32 inches gaming monitor.

BenQ EX3203R is a great widescreen gaming monitor with 1800R curvature and the latest auxiliary features, with an absolute amazing matte gray-black cabinet that looks nearly invisible bezels on the sides and top, which make it look attractive,

That monitor delivers great visual graphics and lets the users have the best gaming experience in a good range of price compared to its competitor. The Acer has a 32” ultra-wide gaming monitor with low input lag and a tremendous WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440).

The mingling of size, panel, and resolution make the performance more breathtaking as the VA panel of the monitor ensures deep black shades undoubtedly. Due to the display HDR 400 VESA Certification, you are getting a greater brightness and contrast level that come across with a detailed and vivid image.

It has a frameless design with bezels besides at the bottom chin and up to snuff response time, along with its great specs of WQHD (wide quad high definition) display feature, make it agreeable.

The users that will buy this gaming monitor would never be disappointed with his prodigious feature of AMD Radeon FREESYNC 2.That feature would never allow any screen with tearing and stuttering due to its amazing variable refresh rate that is more feasible with graphic cards.

Over and above, the monitor has a 90% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and a peak brightness of 400-nits, which will surely give you a more immersive viewing experience.

It offers connectivity ports, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, a dual-USB 3.0 hub, and a USB type C port; with this, you can connect it to any console and get high definition results on your monitor.

Pro-gamers need this kind of screen to deal with their fondness. It is highly recommended for those pro gamers who want a WQHD monitor in cheap.

 #3 – ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ 32 Curved Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming VG32VQ 32 Curved Monitor

If you are searching for a 4k gaming monitor, this device is all yours. We’ll take you to some of its amazing features highly valuable and recommended to a pro-gamer with the best 32-inch gaming monitor.

The wide quad high definition (2560 x 1440) resolution is an updated consumer display with amazing features that you never regret after buying that 2k gaming monitor.

Its screen image is super-accurate with the best contrast rate alongside a size of 32″. Most of the pro-gamer have eyes on that size of gaming monitor due to its ultimate huge magnitude. That size is not useful for T.V room as it would be costly for that reason, but it becomes never regret to avail it for a pro-gamer. 

Graphics is a subject which a gamer never compromised, although that monitor has the finest image refresh rate of 144Hz.An incredible feature of a 1ms VBR rate that cannot allow tearing and stuttering as a 1ms rate is considered a better rate for playing a competitive game.

A pro-gamer needs a machine that has high performance in graphics, despite ASUS TUF gaming Monitor has Adaptive-Sync and FreeSync Premium Display with G-Sync Compatibility. 

As they assure both G-Sync and Free Sync support available in that machine, and With ELMB SYNC, it gives the user, a display called an extreme Low Motion Blur.esides, the ASUS Shadow Boost technology exposes dark areas of the game without overexposing brighter sides of the monitors.

A 144Hz refresh rate, HDR delivery at the finest rate of nit brightness, blows the user’s mind with all those amazing graphic features. Connectivity ports include the number of ports that screen has one HDMI 2.0 ports, one display port, and many other supportive ports.

#4 – SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 32 Inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

SAMSUNG Odyssey G5 32 Inch 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

The SAMSUNG 32-Inch Odyssey G5 is an appealing monitor with spotless picture quality, along with that a lot of other satisfactory feature within it,  

The excellent display has a WQHD resolution that boasts an incredibly detailed maximum resolution screen of (3840 x 2160) pixels that allow a decent pixel density of 93 PPI (pixels per inch). 

The Monitor with a 1000R curved screen delivers great visual graphics and lets the users have the best gaming experience, nothing else but an aggressive screen curvature of the G5 monitors.

In this gaming monitor, the VA panel is a high-quality affair. It is attached with a G-SYNC display feature that promotes the functioning more accurately due to the availability of compatibility of both Nvidia graphics card and AMD cards. 

HDR delivery at the finest rate of 250 nit brightness and a contrast ratio of 2500:1, which blow the user mind with all those amazing graphic features.

In addition, the display supports 8-bit color depth, and it covers ~100% of the standard sRGB color scheme. The response time of that gaming monitor is 1ms. Certainly, the user will experience almost not an inch of any lag or ghosting with the availability of a 1ms response time. 

Although it also offers a refresh rate of 144hz, which is caused more facilitate to the display graphics, with minimum input lag.

Once and for all, the connectivity options include Display-Port 1.2, HDMI 2.0, a headphones jack, and a USB port for user services.As the design of that gaming monitor offers an excellent feeling to his emptor—a stylized design without only a few small logos. 

Ultimately the customer yet not always seeks the features, but the design also matters, and in that case, there would be no heartbreak to the punchers of this marvelous display machine.

#5 – LG 32GN650-B 32 Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor

LG 32GN650-B 32 Ultragear QHD Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking for a good performance gaming monitor, you’re on the right spot, with the best 32-inch curved gaming monitor; it is a gaming monitor with all the features that amazed a pro-gamer.

Good graphics with sky-high resolution in that price tag are not a gross deal.This gaming monitor is an affordable display machine with a size of 24″ and a good image refresh rate of 165Hz.

1ms response time is considered the optimal rate for a gaming monitor. This gaming monitor gets hold of a fully livable design in addition to AMD FreeSync and G-SYNC compatibility.

It is a gaming monitor which offers G-SYNC Compatibility; the G-SYNC is a display card-attached technology that delivers the smoothest gaming experience ever.

The monitor is present with an IPS panel; at this prize, the monitor offers a size of 32″ with an Ultra-gear QHD (2560 x 1440). For playing the games, this size is not enough but not that bad for a game lover in that tag of price.

The monitor has an 8-bit / sRGB facility, which provides variations of color scheme on distinguish level, and It covers 95% of the sRGB color scheme. The grey to grey transition of the pixel or response time in that gaming monitor is 1ms. That response time is much sophisticated for competitive games. 

As more features in it, better perform the machine; on the shelf of that monitor, it has 350 nits of brightness high static contrast ratio of 3,000:1, which should be amazing to have that machine in that voucher of price.

In addition, the connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0, Display-Port 1.4, and a headphones jack. If the monitor adjusts according to the user’s face angle desire, what else you want more of it, as the Pivot and Swivel feature allows the user a viewing angle of170° horizontal and 170° vertical.

On the end note, this machine is much more suitable for those game lovers who want to entertain themselves in accordance with their pocket budget.

#6 – ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch 1080p Frameless Widescreen Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD 32 Inch 1080p Frameless Widescreen Monitor

ViewSonic VX3276-MHD is a widescreen frameless monitor, has all aspects which need to play games on an extreme level. Not just wide view angle screen besides ultra-slim frameless perfect design, and best screen performance with pixel-by-pixel image quality.

To get the vivid and crystal dynamic screen, this monitor is made up more of it. The IPS technology is expensive, rather with this price range and given high performance this monitor is suitable for all desktops.

The thinness is on its pick level with silver-gray color, not over yet; it has amazing ergonomic you can avail all required heights, the stand’s tilt, pivot or swivel adjustment.

Let on the core thing of the VX3276-MHD is its 31.5” viewable panel built on in-plane switching (IPS) technology. Besides, it has a native resolution of 1,920 by 1,080, in a 16:9 widespread aspect ratio

One of the amazing advantages of the screen, the view split option, allows the screen to divide into multiple screens, which would make the work pressure easily maintained. It surely boosts productivity and multitasking.

At that price of tag, you could avail of a big screen with the latest panel technology that would be amazing for the game lover.To use it for a long period gives comfort viewing technology, very well its flicker-free technology and blue light filter make it all possible for you.

Moreover, the connectivity option includes a VGA and Display port options, but it doesn’t include a USB port. Including more, it has two built-in speakers, which are reasonably loud somehow.

#7 – AOC C32G2 32 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 32 Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C32G2 seems to be the finest monitor to do multitasking works. This widescreen and curved frameless monitor is gear up with the latest technologies.

Moreover, not just the size matter; the zero dead pixel delivery makes it more appealing. A wider viewing angle with super curved 1500R makes your gaming journey more immersive and brilliant.This FHD 1920×1080 resolution makes all the blanks full; this size and resolution both have great amalgamation.

VA panel conveys the impression to have all other aspects of better color reproduction, higher brightness, and better viewing angles.

Furthermore, you can have an extra-wide 178-degree viewing angle with a VA panel.Turn about to design; it’s solid and sleek 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders to get the optimal productivity. This 1ms response time makes me a more attractive or surely person who never underestimates the screen’s color reproduction.

Covering many benefits in one screen, with this monitor, you will get millions of vibrant colors with over 122% sRGB color gamut and 80,000,000:1 and logical, smart contrast ratio with deeper blacks.

Moreover, it has a 165 Hz refresh rate that indicates there would not be allowing any screen tearing and shuttering during fast-paced games. Through this adaptive AMD Free-sync Premium technology, you will defiantly get all the smoothness and clarity during playing the competitive gameplay.

Boosting a speedy screenplay, this response time and refresh rate render the image sharp and smooth. Height adjustable stand. Showing every sign of satisfaction, who will have this amazing monitor on its desktop? The viewing angle and height adjustment matter a lot when it comes to comfort.

Ergonomics are amazing and allows you to pivot, swivel, tilt, and is Vesa mountable.

#8 – Acer Predator XB321HK bmiphz 32 Inch IPS UHD Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator XB321HK 32 Curved Monitor

Acer XB321HK bmiphz is a 32 inch UHD Widescreen Display. It has 3840 x 2160 Resolution. It is the best Acer 32 inch curved gaming monitor which you can play extreme games, watch movies and edit photos on this display. This display is great for professional use and gaming and multimedia purposes.

It features a ZeroFrame design, enabling seamless multi-display setups and providing more space to place your other desktop items. The 4-Side Borderless feature allows you to enjoy the beauty of Predator XB321HK bmiphz without any distraction from its surroundings.

While available to feature a unique gunmetal grey, metal-brushed finish that gives the monitor a truly amazing look. Acer Predator is the best monitor for gaming. It can produce stunning visuals and super-smooth gameplay, so you never miss a beat.

And with an ultrafast 4ms response time, you’ll enjoy silky-smooth gameplay without worrying about image distortion.  Acer makes your dreams come true with this UHD monitor. Its 32″ screen with IPS is made to amaze you with its amazing picture quality and LED display technology, and it comes with HDR.

Whether you’re playing games or watching movies, this monitor will make your experience truly breathtaking. Acer Predator is a UHD gaming monitor with a 4ms response time for blur-free images with which you’ll never think how to choose right gaming monitor.

In addition, it has a 350 cd/m² brightness rating and covers over 99% of the sRGB color gamut. It is designed for gamers to immerse themselves in the game and have a great time playing. The screen color coverage tendency brings every detail to life and displays vivid color from any angle.

The 1xHDMI & 1xDisplayPort inputs are built to support high resolutions and frame rates of up to 60Hz, and the height-adjustable stand allows you to easily obtain the perfect angle for desk work or entertainment.

Buying guide:

If you are looking for a gaming monitor, there are many things to be consider to get the higher experience of amusement. Without taking into account, to grab a right gaming monitor is a difficult task due to high rivalry of companies.One careless choice get the user in that situation, such user never get the maximum pleasure.

So if you consider yourself a pro-gamer, than these consideration must be in mind for your rightful choice.And we assure that when you go through our guidance you will never regret your choice.

Almost every living gaming soul who live to live for playing games and entertainment must consider the size of display screen, which always puts straight against your face.Most of the pro-gamer keep in mind always the big one, but big things always come with big budget.

On the other hand, to resolve this issue, put your mind or look at the other gaming monitor features.As we try to avail the best feature in a budget of every pocket. To change your mind to not just consult the big one screen.

Resolution and Size:

Under other condition we give a tip to find a 32-inch gaming monitor at 4K resolution. Yes, other things make your enjoyment more delighted as the screen resolution must be higher with at least 1920 x 1080.Resolution matters due to the reasons of numbers of vertical x horizontal pixels that comprise or make the image.

On this account, that resolution is not yet enough as every passing day, the resolution tends to become more conscious.To get higher experience of sensuality the QHD is preferable, but if you want your pixels according to your mind need, we suggest the 3840 x 2160 resolution or 4k.

Although with size and screen resolution the shaven picture quality also play an indispensable role which run with the help of the maximization of picture refresh rate.The more the information frames updates and change within the time frequency of millisecond, the more quality improve and friction-less.

Refresh Rate:

As per our recommendation the gamer at least check the refresh rate in between 75 Hz to 120 Hz for a better experience although a pro-gamer never underestimate the smoothness of picture quality. The blurring in the meanwhile of playing a game, make any gamer distress.

Response Time:

So the response time should be in fewer milliseconds that results over the above outshine the picture quality.As the color scheme changes faster, the more the quality improved. Most gamers like to entertain oneself at the response time of 5ms, which is considered the best response time to play any modern era game.


The screen empowerment depends upon many intrinsic factors, as the panel is a part of it. TN panels are utmost commodious and favorable among all the trendy monitors for game lovers. It is over and above fastest response time as compared to other popular panels as IPS and VA.

Just not satisfy with the inner installments of machine the punchers must look into the outer part, as the design and body strength also matter due to the peaceful use of that appliance.

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