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BenQ SW2700PT Monitor For Editing and Photography

BenQ SW2700PT Review : QHD 1440P IPS Photography Monitor 2021

This SW2700PT 27 inch in an aspect ratio of 16:9, a Photographer and gaming Monitor from BenQ, also offering 10-bit support for up to 1.07 billion colors. Over the years, the popularity of photography has drastically increased, so here I find that amazing monitor.

Which gets the display more in a dynamic picture production with a higher contrast ratio, reduced input lag, and a 5ms response time. Giving you solid build quality and a wide gamut option, you will find yourself doing multitask work through this monitor.

Design And Stylish Look:

Overall the design quality of this monitor is pretty impressive. Looking wise, I get this monitor solid and rock-hard. On the above side and corner sides of the monitor, you will find a shading hood, a glaring overhead, or lighting, making the desktop attractive.

Come to the bottom side of the display, where you will find divergent buttons, making it easier to use the monitor. Moreover, to get the perfect angle, the excellent ergonomics of this monitor is pretty good; it has a 100mm x 100mm VESA mount that is perfect for mounting the monitor to a wall.

IPS Panel With LCD Technology:

IPS panels are ideal for large screen viewing, displaying 100% of SRGB color spectrum and full RGB color depth. This video quality makes it one of the most popular technologies in today’s display market! With consistent technology displays an incredible smoothness with 120+ frames per second in handling motion images.

IPS LED backlighting delivers a higher contrast ratio to offer you crisp colors and deep blacks that have never been brighter on a more affordable technology before.

In regards to accuracy, this is hands-down the best range of monitors available because its LED ips panel surpasses all other conventional monitor types with unparalleled image quality.

Though it has a drawback of IPS glow, that aiming to perform low performance during shifting black shadow to white shades, although it is completely amendable.

One aspect you should keep in mind, depending on the angle you are viewing cause this screen doesn’t show convincing contrast and color shifts.

Color Scheme:

Not on the assumption, this monitor covers a color gamut of 95.4% of the sRGB and potentially covers a 95.4% of the Adobe Wide Gamut RGB.  Indeed, graphics empowerment is calibrating with BenQ’s software, which will boost sRGB and Adobe RGB color gamut coverage to 100%.

Moving on, it has a brightness of 350 cd/m2, which gives you better visuals during the dark mode—a native contrast ratio in a 1000:1. It is good to do editing work, though the DCR(Dynamic Contrast Ratio) is up to 20m:1.

Screen And Resolution:

BenQ SW2700PT with the compatible GPU card, this screen is capable of providing you a display that is a more crisp, sharp, and accurate image. For a 27-inch screen, 2,560 x 1,440 might not sound like a big deal, but overall you get an impressive 109 pixel per inch (PPI).

Moreover, luckily this amalgamation is recognized to deliver fanatical image quality. Subjectively, the SW2700PT produces an excellent picture quality for image and video editing; this Monitor is considered a good spec.

A Reasonable Response Time:

5ms response time greatly handles the motion tendency of black to white to black again is appraise excellently. Somehow the Latency rate makes trouble during playing fast-paced games.

Including more, such budgeting monitor providing such response time rate, rather you will avail an expensive one to get higher or comfort.

Refresh Rate:

To get the optimal performance, making sure you have a good refresh rate and frame rate. BenQ SW2700PT sufficiently provides 60 Hz; somehow, it seems low on paper. But practically, it’s beneficial for multitasking works.


Connectivity includes Outputs, a USB 3.0 (to connect your desktop/laptop), one HDMI port, one DVI-DL port, further one DisplayPort 1.2. However, these monitor connectivity options offers a headphone and a USB port for better control over OSD.


I take my integrity to write this review, I mention, and it is good to say that I have greatly come away fascinated. It also has excellent ergonomics, which easily adjustable, and marks in the right place to get a better viewing angle.

Besides, this monitor comes up with a monitor hood, which adds value and makes it an even better spec. Likewise, a perfect balance of monitor size and resolution and appreciation to the given viewing angles makes your view experience out of the world.

Thus, it has all features that you can do gaming, office work, and editing, which boost the overall performance.

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