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Benq GW2480 Monitor

BenQ GW2480 Review : 1080P IPS Monitor

The BenQ GW2480T is a great multitasking monitor, with comparatively attainment to a decent performance for gaming and can do many things. Together with IPS backlight LED technology, high refresh rate, better contrast level, dynamic color accuracy, maintained response time, although a full package to do multitask functioning.

So, here what features make this display stand out? Is it worth for anyone? Let yourself continue reading to find out!

Design And Stylish Look:

 A Sleek and edge to edge Ultra-slim bezel with nice finished touch matte black stand make anyone feel modest. Although, it moreover a simple display that is provide you a comfortable look to unload the work pressure.

The user always need something that look finest and self-conscious. This monitor is apt to give you that level of feeling, though it seems a nice existence in your desktop with that low budget expense.

To throw in the amazing look it will get on with a special hidden cable management system. Moreover it has a cable hide management system which ensure a neat and clean look, a stand that has empty box, all wires inside the monitor stand. 

IPS Panel With LED Technology:

IPS stands for in-plane switching, which is determined to give the real estate production, with liquid crystal images and better color contrast.

 Along with that it is customized to deliver faster response time and native wide viewing angle. IPS panels are more familiar to rapidly change its liquid crystals by through outstanding delivery of color shades which you can being viewed from different angles.

 The merger of IPS technology and LED specs make image conveyance with more outstanding color accuracy, but still tell you that it is probably the most common non-budget displays out there.

Color Scheme:

 It also offer an 8-bit color through the medium of dithering (6-bit + 2-bit FRC) and be able to exponentially greater image accuracy. Although the 8-bit technology works with RGB using 256 levels per color scheme. The IPS panel is providing only 93% of the sRGB gamut, overall the colors scheme are vibrant and elegant. Including more of it, adaptive brightness for image quality take the screen quality impressively high.

Screen And Resolution:

Fix up with the full HD (1920×1080) resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio provides a decent pixel density of pixel per inch – 102. A 23.8″ screen of the BenQ GW2480, along with that combination of size and resolution is used to be more benefit, ultimately which means the image production is more clear and vivid with surely a fair amount of screen space available.

By the same token, the BenQ GW2480 monitor hold a gleam -free backlight and a combined filter technology against the inimical blue lights. This eye care feature offer a sensor that is built-in and can automatically pinch the screen brightness according to the ambient luminance.

 Low blue light feature not allow any headaches and eye strain during the long hour working. This eye care feature can hand over optimized images that are easy to view.

 A Reasonable Response Time:

Besides, The BenQ GW2480 kick a quick response time of 5ms (Gray to Gray), when playing the fast paced games. This response time handle with no distinguished ghosting and trailing of moving objects.

For playing, you can adjust the Advanced Motion Acceleration by selecting the in the option of On-Screen Display to ‘High’ or ‘Premium’ to acquire the legitimate response time execution.

Refresh Rate:

60Hz is pretty standard for gaming. 144Hz is for if you are looking into doing more competitive and reaction based games like first person shooters and the like. Otherwise a 60Hz monitor should sufficient.

Combined with the lowest response time you can find amazing results. If you have no interest in gaming, a 60 Hz refresh rate is consider a great holder.

By through overclocked you will have the refresh rate up to 75Hz, which is ultimately boost in motion clarity. Unfortunately, BenQ GW2480 doesn’t have FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility.


Connectivity ports includes HDMI 1.4 port, a VGA port, and DisplayPort 1.2, which you cannot afford unless at this price range. It also offer a headphones jack among with two integrated speakers in 1W.

Bottom Line:

The BenQ GW2480 is an superlative budgeting monitor for many types of applicability such as studying, document take care of, or even unpremeditated gaming. The IPS screen is as vibrant as some models we’ve tested. But its final count fall within acceptable limits for daily use.

Features are bounded, but you can’t put up a struggle with the price or find a better-equipped display in the same range. But I think it’s easy to overlook its more beneficial features, especially if you are a part of market for a reliable and easy to own display.

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