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BenQ EW3270U Monitor for Xbox One X

BenQ EW3270U Review 32 inch 4K Monitor | With Eye-care Technology

Our verdict covers the detailed analysis and critical review of the BenQ EW3270U is the best gaming monitor for Xbox One X. 32 Inch 4K HDR display.BenQ EW3270U is appraising to be a monitor which you can practice for prolonged use.

Furthermore, this monitor is designed to provide the incredible specs to deal with all gaming requirements and multitasking. Lastly, this conversation gives you the benefit of anyone searching for a monitor that provides you unexpected results according to your need.

Design And Stylish Look:

Like most big-screen monitors, it contains a flat plan screen. The display contains thin but visible bezels around three sides and the top of the display. In the meantime, the base seems a bit altitudinous.

You will find a button on the right side of the screen that allows you features of HDR and BI+ option on the spot. If you press it one time, it will enable you to access the HDR feature. Second-time press over two clicks on the button will enable the BI+ feature, which lets you adjust the brightness as per your room surroundings.

Include other button functionality you will come across to 5 standard buttons. For example, you can adjust the settings that enable/disable some proprietary features with that button. 

 VA Panel With LED Technology:

The screen accommodates a VA panel (vertical alignment) and LED backlight.  Which is a dynamite of providing 10-bit color depth and viewing angles and a high contrast rate, as comed to the other TN panel. 

Better black uniformity that provides a decent black visual imaging. Bring to light the panel’s features are solid for both gaming and designing; overall, the colors are vibrant and dynamic.

Color Scheme:

Categorically, it possesses better color reproduction and accurate image quality. In addition, I am having amazing 3000:1 Ultra-High native contrast for getting a depth and deep color scheme.

Ultra-High contrast ratio does affix, which enhanced color depth and detail result to deliver more dark images in improved image clarity. There is no doubt this monitor has amazing color delivery—moreover, BenQ EW3270U DCI-P3.

Including more, it can producing the color range of cinema 95% coverage ano covers 100% of Rec for Authentic Digital Cinema Color.

Screen And Resolution:

This amalgamation of the large screen size of 32 inches and 4k UHD (3840×2160) resolution are great for productivity and multitasking. You are nearly to enjoy energetic visuals, precise graphics, realistic images, and higher frame rates with 4K resolution.

To boost and enhance the screen’s power, it is composed of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Cinema HDR Mode. That vitally aggrandizes the dynamic range’s overall performance between deep black and twinkle white that ultimately reproduces aa more vibrant color scheme.

Undeniable, this super-resolution is apt to enhance standard image quality in an aspect Ratio of 16:9. Moreover, a pixel density of 140ppi displays colors that heap upon 1.07 billion colors.  300 cd/m2 brightness is enough to look nice, bright and simulates the high-resolution picture quality.

Certified By TUV Rhineland:

BenQ EW3270U is competent to reduce eye strain in a lighting environment, plus its brightness intelligence technology (B.I.+ Tech.) detects ambient room color temperature and allows to adjust display settings.

This low blue light technology grants the monitor’s patron to use it for prolonged; it will eliminate the harmful blue light that effectively diminishes eye fatigue and irritation. 

Through Flicker-Free Technology, you adjust the brightness level to eliminate flickering, ultimately enhancing productivity and a more viable screen.

 A Reasonable Response Time:

Dispense a 4-ms pixel response time which is indomitably undertaking to minimize the ghosting.  There was no noticeable tearing when we paired it with a gaming console.  The availability of HDR mode effectively increases the pixel response time by up to 13-ms. 

AMD FreeSync Technology:

The AMD FreeSync technology eliminates all tearing and shuttering, broken frames and gives you an outpouring gameplay flow in this bag of features.  Due to its good response time gives a low input lag, resulting in little motion blur.

Refresh Rate:

It does come with a 60Hz refresh rate, so that provision rate will boost the frame rate, as there is a strong advantage of the inclusion of AMD Freesync to accomplish multiple things.

With that, it will break through and overclocked the 60Hz speed upgrade to 75Hz, but still, you sense a bit of screen tearing, but using V-Sync adoption, this issue will resolve quickly. 


Including multiple connectivity ports, it has one HDMI 2. 0, a DP1. 4, and USB-C that just allow only for video, not compatible with power supply. 

Voltage And Power Consumption:

There is no shocking happened with that 32-inch model power consumption tendency; the power consumption needs more power to handle the big screen. It consumes 44 watts in the standard mode and surely consumes 24 watts in the ECO mode.


By testing BenQ EW3270U from different modules and checking it from different aspects, it is safe to say that the BenQ EW3270U monitor is a real fruit deal. You will have in hand a fantastic screen panel, amazing color scheme, and ultra-high contrast.

The overall design is good, and the connectivity options are suitable for the current-gen standards. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are quite not good; locating the optimal viewing angle is sometimes difficult to adjust.

Although it is good enough with that big screen and 4k resolution capable of giving all opportunity to do multitasking work. We recommend the BenQ EW3270U monitor for your everyday usage in this affordable price range with convinced great performance.

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