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BenQ EL2870U 4k monitor

BenQ EL2870U Review : 1MS 4K Monitor For Gaming

The BenQ EL2870U is a Quad Full HD gaming monitor built with the purpose of entertainment in mind.  Offering the support for HDR compatibility, moreover also boasts adaptive AMD’s FreeSync technology. It is the Best 4k Monitor for Console Gaming.

On the spot, it provides 1-millisecond response times and excellent low input lag, which is aiming to no ghosting during playing the fast-paced games. Still, BenQ EL2870U’s fast pixel response accuracy and good refresh rate time make it a good preference for action video and gaming.

The EL2870U’s multifarious color performance and strange lack of ergonomics make it a great pick only for those who can afford to spend more on their monitor.

Design And Stylish Look:

They are designed in a matte-black cabinet with half-inch chunky bezels and a faux-brushed-metal finish that make it appealable.  The sleekest monitor ever is not as cool, you might think. Instead, it’s a regular desktop PC monitor that was made for conference rooms or computer labs.

The holes on the back of this monitor will allow you to mount it securely wherever is most convenient for your viewing needs. Do not worry about where the best place to see everything clearly—the VESA pattern has you covered! The mounting solution tilts but does not offer height, swivel, or pivot adjustments.

TN Panel With LED Technology: 

It is based on a TN panel with an average color scheme and contrast level. However, the TN panel has many other attractive features, which could make it more appealable.

Giving the lowest cost as compared to other panel technologies, considering consume lower power and offer clearer picture modes. Make them ideal for a gamer; this twisted numaitc produces amazing sharp color and an accurate color scheme. But still, not that good, then other panel technologies, doesn’t mean it can’t be good for gaming.

Color Accuracy:

Find joy in colors that are true to life because of wide color gamut support with up to 16 million RGB colors and up to 1 billion hues available on this monitor, which has an accurate 96% DCicm color reproduction ratio.

All supported by HDR10 content. So what are you waiting for? Excite your senses today! The Eye-care technology is great for reducing eye strain, giving you a comfortable viewing experience.

Plus, it comes with low blue light and zeroes flicker technology that protects your eyes from harming stimulants. 

Screen And Picture Quality:

“Do you enjoy crushing the game with 4K graphics? We have the perfect gaming monitor for you. The BenQ EL2870U UHD (3840 x 2160) gaming monitor offers a rich, vibrant picture that makes games easier to win.

This BenQ gaming monitor has four different game modes: FPS, RTS, Racing, and Sports. It’s more than just a comforting viewing experience with long-time use that keeps up with all of your actions!

A Reasonable Response Time:

With a 1ms response time, this game monitor provides crisp visuals with rich colors at lightning-quick speed, so every moment is captured without delay. Enjoy lightning-fast 1 ms response time for seamless gameplay, all on a 28-inch screen.

AMD FreeSync Technology:

AMD FreeSync technology reduces image tearing, shuttering, and broken frames during playing fast-paced games. Gamers will have the most fun with this display if they are using a late-model AMD card.

This sleek and innovative technology from BenQ can synchronize the present 60 Hz refresh rate of their new EL2870U display with a compatible GPU card.  This seamless synchronization will make for an incredible viewing experience that could not be achieved otherwise!

Moreover, these AMD graphics cards handle gaming and fast-motion swimmingly.  Including more, if your FPS rate gets below 40, the freesync would not work properly cause this monitor doesn’t support LFC.

Refresh Rate:

The BenQ EL2870U offering an input lag came in at a very reasonable 11.2 milliseconds at 60Hz. With all that feature, this rate seems low on paper but still adequate and average.


The BenQ EL2870U connectivity ports include two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.4, a headphones jack, and two built-in speakers in 2W. 

Why Buy This:

Come up with amazing features with a low budgeting monitor that makes it more attractive to a pro-gamer. And after reviewed it critically, I must also recommend this gaming monitor to those who want high technology with have a low pocket budget.

Including more, it has not that sharp image as IPS nor that fast refresh rate of 144 Hz, but still much appealable, if you want to consider jumping up to 4K technology. Add it all up, and what do we get? This is one of those deals where it’s easy for anyone to see why not just go ahead and buy now!”

Bottom Line:

The BenQ EL2870U certainly is a good choice for pro-gamers, providing more great features at a relatively affordable price. A low response time of 1ms and somehow limited refresh rate make a good combination to gear up the screen pixel tendency.

Moreover, it also adaptive FreeSync technology support with the compatible graphic card. Come to his 4K technology, which provides a more dynamic and better color scheme with a sharp and accurate image gradient. 

The seeker who wants 4K technology and HDR content compatibility screen on an affordable budget must avail this monitor on their desktop.

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