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AORUS FI27Q-P Monitor Review

AORUS FI27Q-P Review : 27″ 165Hz 1440P IPS Gaming Monitor

The AORUS FI27Q-P 27″ Gaming Monitor has a lot of great features that gamers will appreciate. It has a whopping 1ms response time and a refresh rate of up to 165Hz, perfect for competitive gaming needs. 

I was astounded when I tested this on the monitor. The monitor also comes with an anti-glare coating, so you have the best viewing experience possible. This monitor also delivers rich color reproduction with its color gamut of 85% NTSC and 20 bits per channel. You can’t go wrong with this high-quality product.

This is an article about the product, yet again. If you’re not careful, it will get old very quickly. But we can’t help – technology moves so fast that we feel like we have to keep up and report on all of these products to stay current. At least this one’s for gamers.

Design and Stylish Look:

I was so excited to see this monitor in person. Its sleek, modern design and intuitive interface make it perfect for work or play. What’s more: its sleek design hides discreetly behind your desk until it’s time to take center stage! Look polished in front of all your opponents with our newest edition, which features faster response times too.

Now you can focus entirely on objectives no matter how fast-paced games get. So isn’t it time to give yourself that gift of excellence? Own the competition with this high-performance monitor, made just for gamers like you.

I had no idea that a monitor could look so good. This one is stylish, and the colors are vibrant. The AORUS Core has razor-sharp features and a sleek design with an eye-catching metallic finish. Offering nothing but the best gaming performance, it’s got powerful wings and sturdy armor for maximum protection.

The falcon utilizes its powerful wings to soar through the skies and lock down its prey; that’s why we took inspiration from nature to give you smooth sailing when it comes to your latest marathon session.

IPS Panel with LED Technology: 

In all of my years as a professional monitor user, I have never seen anything like this. The screen is an IPS panel with LED technology, and it looks fantastic. The AORUS FI27Q-P gaming monitor is an IPS panel that finishes testing.

It rocks a super-fast adaptive display for gaming and comes with an eye simulation mode that reduces fatigue during long periods of use. The sleek, frameless design makes this vivacious beast sit beautifully on your desk. Game no more with outstanding clarity and brilliant colors.

Color Scheme:

I was so excited to see this monitor. While testing, I can’t believe how vivid and clear this model is. So if you want the best? Look no further than this peripheral-worthy gaming monitor.

What can I say about it that won’t make me sound like an AORUS marketing intern’s copy and paste job? It has a 10 BIT color IQ system with 178/178 viewing angles. Need some numbers to help you make the purchase choice?

With a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 – even when your FPS drops below 60, which is close enough to chronic bronchitis for my liking – ghosting will be less of an issue. In games like overwatch, where bullets mean everything, we’re pretty sure they know how important this is. We’ve taken care of your problem.

From the moment you buy the AORUS FI27Q-P Gaming monitor, you’ll be ready for an eyeful of vibrant color. The higher the gamut (range) of colors your monitor can display, your game will look and feel more realistic.

With a 16 million color range of DCI-P3, our monitors give gamers everything they need to play their best games on a beautiful screen with an LED backlight for brilliant contrast across its great image quality. 

Screen and Resolution:

Designed for gamers who crave high-resolution displays at fast refresh rates, the AORUS FI27Q-P features a 27″ QHD panel that doubles your display quality and entertains you with twice as many details.

My jaw dropped when I saw the screen on this monitor. The resolution is fantastic, and it has a great contrast and aspect ratio, meaning that blacks are black instead of gray like most screens do. So now you can enjoy games and movies in their original size without any distortion – giving you an edge on the competition.

A Reasonable Response Time:

To my surprise, this monitor is fantastic. I didn’t know that such a high-quality product existed. Thank you for making it possible to enjoy myself without worrying about the lag time of online games or apps on screens with more pixels per inch as you also soon. Let Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with our new Aorus FI27Q-P. 

We’ve combined Zero Screen Tearing technology and a 1ms Response Time that will provide seamless, lag-free gaming performance at all times. So take on any challenge that comes your way uninterrupted by anything but your skill.

AMD FreeSync Technology:

The AORUS FI27Q-P is a solid and sturdy gaming monitor that can stand up to intense use. G-SYNC Compatible means less tearing, stuttering and is free of many issues found with standard monitors.

Tracking your input lag and color production in conjunction with Display Mode gives you that picture-perfect experience. Experience realism without discomfort with DyAc technologies designed to generate a healthy depth of field akin to physical life.

Refresh Rate:

This monitor is designed to make you feel like a competitor. AORUS made this display to cater to gamers looking for the best way to maintain their competitive edge. With HDR support, amazing Resolutions, and 165Hz Refresh Rates, this monitor has everything any gamer could want.

This monitor is not your average screen powered by outdated technology. Instead, it has an astounding 165+ Hz refresh rate that keeps up with you – without missing a beat. Nothing slows what the AORUS FI27Q-P can do.

Why Buy this:

I was so excited to try this gaming monitor because it has such high reviews, and I’ve always wanted a big screen. To my astonishment, when the first few minutes were upon using this product, all of those reasons why people love them exploded into perfect clarity for me. 

The AORUS 27″ Gaming Monitor is a high-end gaming monitor with an IPS display and G-SYNC compatibility. It has excellent color accuracy, low blue light settings and can be used for other types of work too.

This sleek beauty also comes equipped with ANC, Existing Features such as Game Assist and Dashboard, Ergonomic Design with Swivel, Tilt & Height Adjustments to make your experience comfortable while playing games or working on projects.

If you’re looking for the best gaming monitors around, this should be at the top of your list because it offers everything you need in one package – without having to break the bank.

Bottom Line:

High refresh rates, high resolutions, and an ergonomic design make the AORUS 27″ Gaming Monitor a great choice for gamers. But what about those who don’t want to be confined to just gaming? The built-in features, including Active Noise Cancellation 2.0, will help you relax from your day while watching movies or TV shows in comfort.

It’s also VESA Certified to be mounted on any wall space with an attached mount adapter. If you’re thinking of buying this monitor but would like more information before deciding, check out our blog post with all the specifications and reviews. We hope we have helped answer some questions for you.

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