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AOC C24G1 Monitor for Xbox One X

AOC C24G1 Review : 1MS 144Hz 1080P Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

The AOC C24G1 is a transcendent 24-inch screen, amazing resolution 1080p, aggressive screen curvature in a 144Hz frame rate, with AMD FreeSync, a motion blur reduction technology, as well give nifty gaming features. It provides a great design, diverse connectivity ports, and an appealing price in the event of looking wise.

This is the special designed monitor for gaming, It is nothing less to say that this is the best gaming montior for Xbox one X.

Design And Stylish Look:

With the proviso, this preeminent 1500R curved monitor has a 24 inches stylish design screen with ultra-thin bezels at the top and the sides.  The features gear up to speed on this screen to provide anamazing video viewing experience and ideal for doing multiple setups at one screen, although the body chassis has a nice manifest matte plasticappearance.

The screen is supported by a triangular shape stand that up the monitor by 130mm and provides -5°/20° of tilt and 35° of swivel adjustments. A valid feature of VESA mounting comes with 100 x 100mm mounting holes. On looks, the case is black and red, which is suitable to make an aggressive environment for a pro-gamer.

The right of the center can control the OSD buttons. Whereas you can adjust multiple functions through these buttons as response time, select the color profile and enable AOC’s Bright Feature, and whereas you can adjust the screen brightness. 

VA Panel With LED Technology:

The AOC C24G1 is based on a VA panel with LED and offers the best contrast ratios. They’re ideal for general use due to their much better color reproduction. Discussing this lets you know that the VA panel has in some such way a slow response time speed, which results in the ghosting of fast-paced objects. 

AMD FreeSync Technology:

With a compatible GPU, you will get a tremendous way to synchronize the graphics cards to boost the monitor’s refresh rate with the frame rate. Greatly to announce that the feature AMD graphics card is fully customized to be a powerful package to run games beyond 100 fps.

FreeSync is giving all opportunities to refresh rate to change image frame rate dynamically.  Which will, consecutively, eliminate all screen tearing and stuttering to get a sequential responsiveness screen for a better visual experience.

However, FreeSync is also providing the facility for better compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC graphics cards. But somehow, users also experience brightness flickering when using the FreeSync/G-SYNC.

Color Scheme:

This AOC C24G1 technology gives you a true 8-bit color depth and native 3,000:1 static contrast ratio. Screening a whopping 98.8% of the standard sRGB color gamut, however, it seems low on paper with 250-nit peak brightness and 178-degree wide viewing angles.

AOC Shadow Control:

An addition and prominent feature that allows you to play the game more fluently, the ‘Dial Point’ custom crosshair and AOC games color feature that give more preset color saturation modes and let on great shadow control.

Screen And Resolution:

A super-detailed full HD resolution, 1920×1080, along with a 23.6″ 1500R curved screen, has to provide you a decent pixel density of 93 pixels per inch. What’s more, the amalgamation of screen size and resolution with compatible GPU makes it a more profitable deal to do multitasking. 

Although higher is always better, this combination is enough to give you a wide and rich pixel density. Including more, the design is a slim bezel mate which is tightened curved design. That allows the user to enable these small screens together in a multi-screen setup.

A Reasonable Response Time:

Through 1ms response time, a new image pixel’s production takes to change by response time in milliseconds (ms). This lower response time has allowed the screen to prevent stutter or tear or any other latency or input lag for competitive gamers that can cause a delay in the gameplay.

Refresh Rate:

If you are a pro-gamer, then a higher refresh rate can substantially impact your gaming experience. This 144 Hz refresh rate surely enough to see the fast imaging reproduction benefits and impact your experience with great purpose.


The connectivity port includes ports that a VGA port, one DisplayPort 1.2, and two HDMI 1.4 ports. Unfortunately, it does not provide a USB hub and speakers, but the alternative that you can choose to avail this option via your headphones into its 3.5mm jack


Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that will allow you to play games in style, then the AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor is worth considering.

It has an attractive design and offers some great features such as FreeSync technology which helps eliminate tearing or stuttering during gameplay.

The 144Hz refresh rate ensures that all your game action sequences are smooth without blurring. With these powerful specs at this price point, it’s hard not to love the AOC C24G1!

What do you think? Do we have what it takes to entice gamers like yourself into purchasing our product? Let us know if there’s anything else we can answer about this amazing gaming monitor.

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