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Acer Predator XB271HK Monitor Review

Acer Predator XB271HK Review : 27″ IPS UHD G-Sync Monitor

Acer is a company that invents, develops, and sells technology products. They are known for their Predator gaming monitors, which deliver the ultimate viewing experience with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

The Acer Predator UHD (3840 x 2160) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Monitor features an incredible 4ms response time for fast refresh rates on this WQHD monitor.

I had the opportunity to review this product, and I was very impressed with it. This monitor features an IPS panel that provides accurate colors and good viewing angles, a four-millisecond response time, and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

It also has a wide range of inputs: HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2a (HBR3), USB 3.0 Type An upstream port; 2x USB 3.0 downstream ports; built-in speakers, mic input, and headphone output.

Design and Stylish Look:

I loved everything about it and can’t recommend it enough for others who want an even more fulfilling life with less stress! The cabinet has a sleek, black finish with the words “Predator” emblazoned on its base.

The mounting arm and hinge are accented in red, making it look like an angry predator ready to strike at any moment. It also features an interesting design with red accents on the base and arm of its mount for easy recognition from afar.

IPS Panel with LED Technology: 

I was a little hesitant to try the product at first because it had never been used before, but now I’m hooked. The Acer Predator XB271HK features an IPS panel with LED technology. IPS panels typically outperform TN and VA panels in terms of clarity and the color spectrum they can produce when it comes to monitors.

That’s because L-shaped liquid crystals – which is what makes LCD screens display images – are aligned perpendicular to your viewing angle. But, of course, the shape of the monitor you’re using matters as well: flat desktop screens offer a wider view than those with more curves on both sides (though curved ones do less demand as much space).

Color Scheme:

The monitor did a great job in our image quality tests. It had an average Delta E color deviation of 0.54 before calibration and covered 100% of the sRGB color gamut with it!

The XB271HK is a stylish-looking monitor with its matte coating and dark cabinet. In addition, it features Predator’s branding on the bottom trim of this zero-bezel design, making it an attractive option for gamers who want to add some bling into their setup.

Acer’s XB271HK offers a variety of picture modes to suit your needs. There is the standard ECO mode and graphics and movie settings that will maximize color purity for different types of content consumption on screen; in addition, there are six additional advanced video game-specific features.

Moreover, it includes 3 Aim Point crosshair aiming targets specific to FPS games so you can get precise targeting without losing orientation when moving around rapidly or firing off shots at an enemy who has just appeared out of nowhere.

Screen and Resolution:

You have to see it for yourself. You will simply not believe how crisp, clear, and bold this 27 inch HD is with its 3840 x 2160 resolution. But you won’t just be impressed with the visuals onscreen. The Acer Predator XB271HK is one of the first screens to hit the market with a whopping 27-inch and WQHD resolution.

Furthermore, it features NVIDIA G-SYNC, which allows you to enjoy lag-free gameplay at higher refresh rates than other monitors on the market. In addition, 328cm square gives you more playroom for creativity and productivity, work or games.

A Reasonable Response Time:

The Acer Predator XB271HK sports a remarkable 4ms response time, meaning input lag is reduced to an absolute minimum for the ultimate gaming experience.

In addition, I found the product to be very helpful with my computer’s monitor. I got a response time that was much faster than before, and it even helped in many games. Experience epic, fast-paced action that feels as smooth as silk with frame rates of up to 144Hz and Gb/sec color sub-sampling! Make no mistake–with this transcendent display, you are guaranteed more than your fair share of bragging rights.

AMD FreeSync Technology:

During testing this product, it was like magic. With monitor’s AMD FreeSync technology at work in my computer system, there wasn’t anything about gaming or graphics that couldn’t be bettered. Acer company produced a 27-inch design monitor that was made for hardcore PC gamers.

It features NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to eliminate stuttering, tearing, and display lag. In addition, its Black Equalizer offers true color representation by adjusting individual RGB colors to reproduce accurate skin tones from World of Warcraft or Diablo III.

Acer’s ZeroFrame also widens your viewing area by providing more screen space and enhances any work with virtually borderless bezel windowing on three sides amazing.

Refresh Rate:

The XB271HK has a native refresh rate of 60Hz and the Acer ProSense technology, which automatically adjusts brightness according to ambient conditions. As a result, the monitor doesn’t show any signs of ghosting or blurriness with everything from fast-paced games to high-definition video playback to work documents during your busy day.

I had no idea that the product would have such an impact on my monitor’s refresh rate. The Acer Predator is a long-awaited powerhouse of a gaming monitor with features designed to create the perfect experience for any gamer.

There’s no better way to let your inner beast loose and get in front of superior action and vivid detail without distortion or stutter, thanks to its refresh rate technology that eliminates input lag.


As I tested the product, it became more and more obvious how much of an impact this monitor had on my laptop’s connectivity. With only two video ports, the XB271HK is a good fit for gamers with older graphics cards that can’t support more inputs.

The product offers a full-size DisplayPort input and an HDMI output to allow you the flexibility of connecting various devices.

There’s also an upstream USB 3 port for connectivity purposes and downstream 2xUSB 3 connections so you can connect all your devices without any hassle. You’ll find one headphone jack on board with this monitor too.


Despite being just 2-watt speakers, the XB271HK’s are surprisingly loud and have good sound quality for such a small device. The lack of bass response makes them feel tinny, though, so you might want to invest in some wired or wireless headphones if built-in speakers don’t enhance your listening experience.

Why Buy This:

The reason I recommend this monitor is because of its sleek design and high resolution. It’s perfect for gamers or professionals who need fast response time and wants portability when they travel with the ability to connect easily from their laptop.

This screen has features such as built-in speakers and USB ports that allow you to extend your workspace anywhere. The new 27-inch screen by Acer is perfect for gamers or professionals who need high resolution and color accuracy. With a fast response time, this display will never lag when playing games on it.

You can also take advantage of its built-in speakers to listen out while working from home; plus, you get ports like HDMI & Display Ports that connect easily with your laptop, so it becomes an extension of workspace anywhere you go–even if traveling lightheartedly.

Bottom Line:

You might be asking yourself, “What is the Acer Predator 27-inch UHD (3840 x 2160) NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will go over what it is and why you should buy one for your gaming needs.

This monitor has a whopping 3840×2160 resolution that provides sharp images with incredible detail – perfect for those of us who need an edge in competitive video games. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate, so graphics will look great no matter how fast things get heated.

It’s a stunning display that is perfect for gamers or professionals who need high resolution and color accuracy with fast response time and want to carry the monitor around with them when they travel. With features like built-in speakers, USB ports, HDMI, and Display Ports, you can easily connect this screen to your laptop, so it becomes an extension of your workspace anywhere you go.

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